Mwezi Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Meet the Mwezi Family

 Courage Mashama Oliver Joe CGC 

I specifically looked for a ridgeless male for my first ridgeback.  At the time, I thought the ridge was silly-looking and I preferred the sleek look of the ridgeless.  Besides, all I really wanted was a great family dog, not a show dog.  Still, he needed a registered name, so Mashama means "special".  Ollie introduced us to the joy of living with a Ridgeback (including countersurfing, disassembling the sofa on a naughty day, and nose-nibbles), got us started with lure coursing, and helped instill a passion for the breed.  Ollie is now 13 years old; a lot more gray and lumpy, a little more stubborn, but still full of sass.

 CH Ruya Mwezi Lilliana Grace Aida CGC

After a few more years, I decided that going to dog shows would be a whole lot more interesting if I had a dog of my own to show and so the search for our next Ridgeback began.  It took over a year to find her, but I’m incredibly fortunate that I did!  Lilly is exactly what I was looking for:  powerful without being overdone and elegant without loss of substance.  She is what a Ridgeback bitch should be. 

I handled Lilly as a puppy, but she was shown primarily by her breeders, Phyllis Scalf and Robert Churchey of Ruya.

Lilly's litter name at Ruya was "Reba" because she was always singing.  We chose Aida instead, after the Verdi opera of the same name.  In retrospect, we probably should have named her Veruca Salt since her motto is, "I want it NOW!" 


Ruya Mystique's Keeper of the Flame for Globe 

Cruze came to stay with us for a few months in the summer of 2012.  After returning to Ruya for a while, we realized how much we missed him, so he is now part of our family.  Cruze has some similar personality traits to Finnigan, so he fit right in with Ollie and Lilly.  Cruze is as sweet as he looks and often joins my daughter for bedtime stories.  He is also being shown and is doing well with lure coursing.

Cruze is co-owned with Phyl Scalf and Ryan Buzard of Ruya Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  

Photos on this page by Mary Kriss Photography.
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